Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday Inspiration

We've been rather busy traversing the locales from here and Louisiana, but when we finally made it back to our beautiful state we were truly intoxicated with the the colors infusing the precious yellows, the glowing reds, and the brilliant blue hue of our Colorado sky. So when we drove around downtown after our return, I instantly became aware of "this shot," "that shot," "oooh, look at that one right there!"

I found my autumnal inspiration!

I love autumn. I think it's a combination of experiencing all of the possible senses from the cool, brisk October morning to the beauty of the fall colors, to the smell of someone in the distant burning leaves. The senses swoon and I love it so much.

I made it a point to go out the next day, on a very rain-dreary Sunday morning to take some photos. Unfortunately the overnight rain did take much of the foliage from the trees we had seen hours before, but I make it a point to find the shot if the one you wanted isn't at first available. Even with the gray clouds diffusing the light upon my colorful subject, I was still able to capture the beauty of the colors in that Sunday subtlety.

But more importantly there's the message that I most recently conveyed to my mom who is really loving her digital camera: sometimes we need to think about our subject differently so that we can show it's beauty in a different way.

We need to adjust our position, change our focal point and even try something as daring as standing on a rock or taking a picture from our ankles. I call it: "taking photos outside the box," thinking creatively than the vantage point of a 5'10" roaming tripod which happens to be the perspective of every other 5'10" roaming frame. It's no longer unique, but ordinary.

That's why if I stand long enough in one spot, I can see potential captures. Whether it's a contrast of shadows or a very irregular pattern on the pavement or a mixture of media on a light pole -- all of it can become our moments of Sunday inspiration.

Not because the sun didn't come out, but because we didn't need the sun to take the picture in the first place.....

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